Introduction to Breathwork and Meditation

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Feeling fatigued? Stressed? Overwhelmed?
Welcome to the worldwide club!

Life can certainly throw its share of unpredictable curveballs. But those challenges don’t have to get the best of us. Not now, and not ever.
— Elizabeth Arthur
“Helps me sleep during these super stressful times.”
— Crystal Curry
“Learning that peace is always available to me; I just have to access it.”
— Wanda Scales
“I was so relaxed and in less pain (neck, shoulder, etc.) than when I started.”

“The relaxation and awareness of my mind and body brought this overwhelming peace I needed.”

— Tyra Beamon



What people love about these sessions

Discover how the power of your breath can quickly reduce stress, relieve your anxiety, and drop negative emotions.

Join us for a free Breathwork and Meditation Workshop.

✔️ We’ll breathe
✔️ We’ll connect
✔️ We’ll meditate

Our one-hour online Zoom sessions include:
• some movement, some fun, and lots of laughter
• a breathing technique that’ll restore your energy
• a soothing, guided meditation to access deep calm
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Led by certified breathwork and meditation experts
Every Tuesday 7:30pm ET / 4:30pm PT

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Get ready to thrive and #selfcare
It’s time to get your breath on!
— Irma Salley
“Being able to have a conversation with like minded African Americans, who though we may come from difficult backgrounds, understand how important it is to be able to express our thoughts and concerns openly.”

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”

— Maya Angelou

The International Association for Human Values (IAHV) is a humanitarian nonprofit committed to developing and encouraging human values in all facets of life. We believe that peace, happiness, and compassion are the intrinsic nature of all human beings. In cultivating these universal values, a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world can ultimately unfold.
A program of IAHV, SKY Schools offers a stress-free and violence-free learning environment that revives the practice of human values. We nurture respect for all people, cultures, and traditions, restoring awareness of our universal humanity. Our stress-management techniques empower youth, educators, and parents to make healthy life choices when faced with challenges.

Discover SKY Breath Meditation

Founded by global humanitarian, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Art of Living is the largest volunteer-based organization in the world. Pioneers of breath-meditation techniques with centers in 156+ countries, our programs extend beyond the boundaries of gender, race, nationality, and religion. They’re based on creating peace within the individual, and in turn, the world at large.
To build on the experience and techniques from the weekly sessions participants will be invited to attend our SKY Breath Meditation workshop. SKY is our signature breath-meditation technique that eliminates stress and anxiety, revitalizes the nervous system, and brings greater clarity and focus to the mind. Backed by 100+ peer-reviewed studies, this evidence-based practice is rekindling deep peace for millions around the globe–regardless of circumstance.

3 days. 2 hours each day. A lifetime of self-care.

These sessions are offered by FitDC in partnership with IAHV, and the Art of Living. Led by SKY Schools instructors and powered by Aetna!

The #FITDC3 campaign was launched by Mayor Muriel Bowser to empower residents to take control of their health, and to promote true fitness wellness and fitness for every body, mind, and community in the District.